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number 29 2020


cover art
A.R. Ammons 

cover design Dana Ezzell Lovelace



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Poetry readings linked in this table of contents are from NCLR's Viral Verses online event, organized and produced by the Editorial Assistants Max Kilgore, Ashten Shope, and Mayee Zhu, April 24, 2020.

NCLR 2020 Contents


Provocative Perspective from a Distance
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor 

Fugitive Slave Ex-Pat: The Myth of Northern Black Freedom 
in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl 
by Ryan David Furlong

Going in Reverse: The Post-Plessy Railroad in Charles W. Chesnutt’s The Colonel’s Dream
by Lydia E. Ferguson

The Cartography of Moira Crone: Mapping Visionary Fiction and Fantastic Futures
2020 John Ehle Prize interview by Jim Grimsley
art by Moira Crone

Knowing Your Place: Tony Earley’s Human Geography
by Jimmy Dean Smith

Gwendolyn Parker on Community, Writing, and the "Human Capacity for Forgiveness and Growth”
an interview by Jenn Brandt

“I want out”: The Expatriate Lionel Shriver
by Eric Walker

"music is the bearing": An Interview with Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
by Amber Flora Thomas

The Change; America, I Sing Back; Putting Up Beans; and Off-Season
poetry by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
Listen to the poet read three of these poems.

Hard Work and Determination Pay Off: An Interview with Ben Fountain
by Michael K. Brantley
photography by Watson Brown

"Fight for your life”: Segregation, Im/mobilities, and the Fight for African American Futures
in Stephanie Powell Watts's No One Is Coming to Save Us
by Maia L. Butler and DeLisa D. Hawkes
art by Jamaal Barber

The Master of Movement: An Interview with Mary Robinette Kowal
by Helen Stead

Racism Squared
third-place poem by Glenis Redmond
art by Kevin E. Cole

Listen to the poet read this poem.



New Prize Winners, Old Friends, and a “Last Rock Novel” 
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Zora Neale Hurston in North Carolina: Drama, Education, and Contemporary Activism
2019 Paul Green Prize essay by Rachel Warner

Eclipse and Icon
two poems by Fred Chappell
art by Matt McConnell and Taylor O. Thomas

Trees Stars the Seasons, Thinking Music, and In the Art Museum
three poems by James Applewhite
art by Ellen Kong, Jordan Parah, and Peter Filene

Meditation in a Glass House
2019 James Applewhite Poetry Prize
poem by Wayne Johns
art by Michael Sherrill

Something Coming
2019 Doris Betts Fiction Prize
story by Katey Schultz
art by Lori Vrba

The Ghost Girls of Ottawa, Illinois
second place poem by Debra Kaufman
art by Aspen Hochhalter

Listen to the poet read this poem.

honorable mention poem by Marty Silverthorne
art by Robert Motherwell

Franz, North Carolina, 1949
honorable mention poem by Jane Sasser
art by Franz Kline

Listen to the poet read this poem.

Never Mind the Apocalypse, Here’s Jeff Jackson
an interview by Christy Alexander Hallberg
art by Jeff Jackson

Late Shift
honorable mention poem by Valerie Nieman
art by Austin Cathey

Listen to the poet read this poem.

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