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"NCLR has just quietly gone about its business of making itself arguably the most important literary journal in the state."—Richard Krawiec
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number 5 1996

Cover art by Hayes Henderson

Featuring Carolina cats and their writers


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Table of Contents: Features | Carolina Cats | Correspondent | Black Mountain College | Thomas Wolfe | North Carolina Writers | Glider | Small Magazines | Reviews | Readers Places


  • Cherokee Rebirth, by MariJo Moore
    Cherokee Voices: Poems, a Play, and Art, by MariJo Moore, Rachel Armachain, Cory Blankenship, L. Gina Canter, Sunale Crowe, Kathy Douglas, Joehli, Jance Jaynes, Monica Herbold, Sunshine Long, Bo Taylor, Nehemiah Toineeta, and Kelli Walkingstick
  • Two Poems by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Peter Makuck
  • "Time and the Smell of the Earth": Seamus Heaney Returns to the Land of Henry Pearson, by Thomas E. Douglass
  • Peter Taylor: The Genial Mentor, by Fred Chappell
  • Freud Checks In: The "Oedipus" in Peter Taylor's Reservations: A Love Story, by Richard L. Kurtz
  • Blood Mountain, seven poems for Fred Chappell by Kathryn Stripling Byer
    Photographs by Louranne Watley
  • Flat Rock, by A.R. Ammons
  • The 1995 Tryon Festival and a Conversation with Martin Gardner, by William Harmon
  • The True, Only, and Most Secret Entrance to Hog Heaven, By Jonathan Williams
    Photograph by Roger Manley
  • Richard Halliburton and Thomas Wolfe: When Youth Kept Open House, by Gerry Max
  • The Royal Road to Carolina, by Andy Turner
  • Inglis Fletcher's African Adventure: "Good Journeyings in This Our Land," by Sarah Wooten Pollock
  • Aunt Becky's Way, by Mary Kratt
  • Seven Haiku, by Lenard D. Moore
  • "A War Prayer," from Psalms
    Paintings by Kent Williams
  • The Story of a Campaign that Failed: A Narrative to Accompany "Shelling of Ft. Anderson, March 14th, 1863, Composed by Dr. Sutherland," by Donald E. Collins
  • Smoke, Hog-Wild Hauling, by Jake Grant

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Carolina Cats & Their Writers

  • Cats, a poem by Betty Adcock
  • The Cats Meow: Carolina Cats and their Writers, by Bertie E. Fearing
  • Caterwauling for Cat Poems, by Jeffery Beam
  • Of the Tribe of the Tiger, by Robert Morgan
  • Christopher Smart's Jeoffry: "For He Is Good to Think On," by Glen Brewster
  • Worldwise by Catlight, by Peter Makuck
  • Learning to Write: Feline by Feline, by Constance Pierce
  • A Hierarchy of Supplicants, by David Brendan Hopes
  • Cats are Sneaky that Way, or Cats'll Get Under Your Feet, by Elizabeth Daniels Squire
  • Mary and Randall Jarrell, Charles Edward Eaton, Talmadge Ragan, Frances Obrist Wellman, Rita Berman & Judy Hogan, Margaret Boothe Baddour, Ruth Moose, Nancy Gotter Gates

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  • Coffee to Go, by Linda Flowers

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Black Mountain College

  • The Black Mountain College Library at North Carolina Wesleyan College, by Leverett T. Smith, Jr.

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Thomas Wolfe

  • "To Rupert Brooke," by Thomas Wolfe
    Photograph by Mark Olencki

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North Carolina Writers

  • A Dictionary of NC Writers, F-Gi, by John Patterson

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  • In Memoriam, Letters to the Editor, ads, and a Couple of Cats

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Small Magazines

  • New Listings, Updates, and Closings, by Alice Rene Caverly and Crystal Wade

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  • Lovers of Ashes, new poetry collections by Deborah Pope and Kathleen Halme, reviewed by Virginia O. Craighill
  • Naked in the Workshop, or, Demystifying the Teaching and Writing of Poetry, new books by Patrick Bizzaro, Fred Chappell, and Charles Wright, reviewed by Megan Simpson
  • The Bumbler and the Silken Sleuths: "The Cat Who" Mysteries of Lillian Jackson Braun, reviewed by Roger C. Schlobin


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Readers Places

  • City Lights Bookstore and Cafe, by Nina L. Anderson

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