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"NCLR has just quietly gone about its business of making itself arguably the most important literary journal in the state."—Richard Krawiec
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number 6 1997

Cover art by Kent Williams

Featuring NC Writers and the NC Museum of Art


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Table of Contents: Where the Human and the Marvelous Meet | Features | Reviews| Writers Places | Black Mountain College | Small Magazines | North Carolina Writers
Thomas Wolfe | Glider | Correspondent

Where the Human and the Marvelous Meet

  • A Snowflake Orchard and What I Found There: An Informal History of the Jargon Society, by Jeffery Beam
  • Charles Olson's Maximus, by William Carlos Williams
  • Imago Mundi, by Eleanor Ross Taylor
  • Christopher Columbus in the Convent of LaRabida Explaining His Intended Voyage, by David Wilkie
  • The Last Sleep, a story, by Jill McCorkle
    The Last Sleep by George Cochran Lambdin
  • The Cliff, a story, by Robert Morgan
  • The Photograph: Fifty Years After, by Tony Abbott
  • Poems, by Michael McFee
    Photographs, by Margaret Sartor
  • Return the Innocent Earth, by Wilma Dykeman
    Cover art, by Wendell Minor
  • Poems, by James Applewhite
    Photographs, by Roger Manley
  • In Summer Light, In Summer Fields, a story by John Rieber
    Illustrations by Kent Williams
  • The Weave Room Poems, by Michael Chitwood
    Photographs by Doris Ulmann
  • Carmen Miranda in the Twinkling of an Eye, a story, by Heather Ross Miller
  • The Eye of God, by Minnie Evans
  • Weird Margaret, a story, by Sarah Dessen
    Illustrations, by Louise Kessel
  • Riddle, by William Harmon
  • Berkeley No. 8, by Richard Diebenkorn

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  • Numbers, by Betty Adcock
  • Jim Wayne Miller: The Gentle Partisan, by Fred Chappell
  • Two Poems, by Ron Rash; Illustrations by George Pratt
    At Leicester Cemetery
  • Two poems, by Rebecca McClanahn
    Autobiography of the Cab Driver who Picked Me Up at a Phoenix Hotel to Catch a 4 a.m. Flight
  • Appearances, a story, by Brenda Jernigan
  • Writing the Invisible History of the South: Glenda E. Gilmore's Gender and Jim Crow and the Myth of the White Supremacy, by Philip Gerard
  • NC4 BBQ: Report of the Barbecue Editor, by William Harmon
  • Millennium Range, by Betty Adcock

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  • "Morgenland": The Poetry of Robert Morgan, by David Ward
  • Three First Novels: Sarah Dessen's That Summer, Nancy Peacock's Life Without Water, and Ashley Warlick's The Distance From the Heart of Things, by Meredith Sue Willis
  • Old Wine in New Bottles: Shannon Ravenel and Algonquin, by Michael Griffith

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Writers Place

  • Carolina Wren Press of Durham, by Bridgette A. Lacy
  • Pembroke Magazine: A Retrospective, by Shelby Stephenson
  • In Praise of the "Littles," by Dave Cloughley and Alice Caverley

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Black Mountain College

  • Charles Olson Hears Miles Davis for the First Time and Dances, by Michael Rumaker
  • What I Learned at Black Mountain - More! by Fielding Dawson

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Small Magazines

  • Small Magazines, by Alice Caverly and Crystal Wade

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North Carolina Writers

  • Dictionary of NC Writers, Go-Hawks, by John Patterson

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Thomas Wolfe

  • Wolfe's Shoes, by Ruth Ware

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  • Horton Foote's The Death of Papa at Paul Green Theater
  • Welsh Poet Tour, by Thomas Rain Crowe
  • 1996 NC Literary Hall of Fame
  • Letters to and from the Editor

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  • Poetry as Ceremony, by MariJo Moore

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