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number 7 1998

Cover photography by W. Cameron Dennis, design by Mary Thiesen

Featuring Oral History in NC and The Fiction of Fred Chappell

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Table of Contents: Oral History in North Carolina | The Fiction of Fred Chappell | Glider
Poetry and Prose | Book Reviews | North Carolina Writers  

Oral History in North Carolina

  • Blazing Star, a story by Lee Smith
    photographs by Jay Kranyik
  • "Wonderful Terms and Phrases": Contrasting Dialect in William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Lee Smith's Oral History, by Kelvin Massey
  • "The Story Will Feed Us": The Power of Story in the Career of Donald Davis, by Anna Dunlap Higgins
  • "I Got These Hands Dirty Saving a Life": Oral Histories of Three African-American North Carolina Physicians, by Karen Kruse Thomas
  • Edward Diggs and Desegregation of the UNC Medical School, by Karen Kruse Thomas with Glenda Jakubowski
  • Wesley Critz George: Scientist and Segregationist, by Steven Niven
  • Talking in Class: The Stories of North Carolina Teachers, by Lu Ann Jones
  • "A Little Baby-Snatchin' Now and Again": Oral Narratives from North Carolina Midwives, by Patricia Gantt with Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • The Carolinians of Cherokee Sound: Cultural and Linguistic Connections between North Carolina and the Bahamas, by Marvin W. Hunt
    photographs by Glenn E. Lewis
  • The North Carolina Connection in Cherokee Sound, by Walt Wolfram and Jeremy Sellers
  • Review of Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks: The Story of the Ocracoke Brogue, by Walt Wolfram and Natalie Scholling-Estes, by Jeutonne Brewer

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The Fiction of Fred Chappell

  • The Tipton Tornado, a story by Fred Chappell
    illustration by Alice Olgesby
  • "Flying by Night": An Early Interview with Fred Chappell, by David Paul Ragan
  • Irony and Allegory in I Am One of You Forever: How Fantasy and the Ideal Become the Real, by Sally Sullivan
  • Fred Chappell as Magic Realist, by Hal McDonald
    Excerpt from I Am One of You Forever by Fred Chappell
    Illustrated by Alice Oglesby
  • Intimations of Order: Fred Chappell's More Shapes Than One, by John Lang
  • "Citizens Who Observe": A Conversation with Fred Chappell, by Sally Sullivan

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  • The North Carolina Studies Program at East Carolina University, by A. Brandon Mise with Stephanie Russell

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Poetry and Prose

  • Inheritances, an essay by Jeffe Kennedy
  • Wednesday Night and The Three-Period Lesson at Le Cirque du Bout du Monde, two poems by Poetry Editor Julie Fay
    art by Henry Stindt
  • In Country Graveyards and The Laugh, two poems by Michael Chitwood
    photograph by W. Cameron Dennis
    illustration by Alice io Oglesby
  • Where the Cape Fear Empties into Ocean and Interstices and Protuberances, two poems by Kathleen Halme
    art by Claude Howell
  • Starlight, a poem by R.T. Smith
    photography by Mary Thiesen
  • Grandmama Dressing, a poem by Maggie Miles
    illustration by Alice Io Oglesby
  • Bargain with Transcendence and Brightness Falls, two poems by Robert Hill Long

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Book Reviews

  • First Book on Doris Betts Published, a review of Elizabeth Evans's Twayne United States Author Series volume on Doris Betts, by Dorothy M. Scura
  • The Fiery Soul of the (Extra)Ordinary, a review of Lee Smith's new short story collection, by Tanya Long Bennett
  • Family, Faith, and Myth in Listre, North Carolina: Clyde Edgerton's Return to Familiar Places and Themes in Where Trouble Sleeps, a review by Stuart Harris
  • "loneliness, sexuality, and desire" in Carolina, a review of Lawrence Naumoff's A Plan for Women, by Kristina Knotts
  • "In what place is this cloud of presences stored?": James Applewhite, Robert Hill Long, and the Questioning of History, a review by Curt Rode
  • "A Map Made Close By Looking," a review of Peter Makuck's Against Distance, by Marc Hudson

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North Carolina Writers

  • Dictionary of North Carolina Writers, Hay to Hymen, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • NC Newsbriefs

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