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number 18 2009

cover design Dana Ezzell Gay

cover photography Mary Shannon Johnstone


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"With the theme of North Carolina drama and a redesign, the Review steps to center stage as the most handsome such publication in the state." — Charles Wheeler, Greensboro News & Record

2008-2009 Student
Staff Members:

Editorial Assistants

Olivia Everett
Elizabeth Howland
Nicole Keech
Deborah Welsh


Melanie Gnau
Lauren Hildebran
Christina Mahan
Maggie Rogers
Kelli Shortt


number 18 2009 Contents

North Carolina Drama

  • From the Page to the Stage and Back to the Page
    section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor
  • "[What] the American Public Needs": A Theater of the People," an interview with Paul Green by William Howard Rough
  • White Dresses, a play by Paul Green introduced by Margaret D. Bauer
  • Paul Green’s Legacy, an essay by Laurence G. Avery
  • Kermit Hunter’s Treasure in the High Country, by Nancy Spann
  • Finding Clara, excerpts from a play by June Guralnick
  • Dramatic Renderings of the 1929 Loray Mill Strike, an afterword by Walter Squire
  • Recovering "moral and sexual chaos" in Tennessee Williams’s Clothes for a Summer Hotel, by Annette J. Saddik
  • An Inimitable Icon: The Inspiration of Zelda Fitzgerald, by Olivia Everett
  • North Carolina Literary and Historical Association Announces Newly Established Hardee-Rives Drama Award, by Lorraine Hale Robinson
  • Muscle Men, Tennessee Williams, and the State of Southern Drama: An Interview with Jim Grimsley, by Gary Richards
  • Mr. Williams and Mr. Universe: Jim Grimsley’s Queer Intertextuality, by Gary Richards
  • 20th Southern Writers Symposium Celebrates North Carolina Writers, by Rebecca L. Godwin
  • Waiting for Edward: Elizabeth Spencer’s For Lease or Sale, by Terry Roberts
  • A Shining Light in the Piazza, by Gary Richards
  • An Elizabethan Drama, an afterword by Elizabeth Spencer
  • Lovers, a play by Richard Krawiec photography by Jacquelyn Tait Leebrick
  • Husbands Found Dead, a play by Kat Meads photography by Jacquelyn Tait Leebrick
  • Love Poem, Ignition Switch, and Responsibility, three plays by Sam Post photography by Mary Shannon Johnstone
  • Child of Paradise: A Tribute to Linwood Taylor, by Bland Simpson
  • Drama Dean Gerald Freedman Receives a North Carolina Award for Fine Arts, by Maggie Rogers
  • Adventures in Musicians’ Theater: 35 Years of Roots-Music Shows, by Bland Simpson
  • "Oh, but she speaks her mind": Good Ol’ Girls from Stage to Screen, by Olivia Everett
  • Bo Knows Theater and Dancing (and . . . ), a tribute by Sue Laslie Kimball

Flashbacks: Echoes of the Past

  • Read, Recall, Renew
    section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor
  • North Carolina’s German Literary Heritage: A (Still, Small) Voice Waiting to be Heard, an essay by M. Luther Stirewalt, Jr.
  • Attic Archives and Homegrown Literary Treasures, introduced by Olivia Everett
  • The Substitute, a poem by James Magorian art by James Lancel McElhinney
  • Coup, a poem by Michael White


North Carolina Miscellany

  • "North Carolina . . . rich in literary resources"
    section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor
  • Working with the Wiggle, an interview with Betty Adcock, by James Smith
  • Two Poems with One Epigraph, Aegean Notes, and White Rhinoceros, three poems by Betty Adcock
  • Slantwisdom, a review by Robert West of Betty Adcock’s new poetry collection
  • To Tell, Not To Tell, To Tell It Slant?, a review by Catherine Carter of three new poetry collections
  • Shape Notes, a poem by Marty Silverthorne art by David Terry
  • The State of Poetry in North Carolina, a review by Jeffrey Franklin
  • "An Appalachian-in-Exile": Michael Chitwood Receives a Second Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry, presentation remarks by Michael McFee
  • English Leather Lime, a poem by Julia Nunnally Duncan art by Duy Huynh
  • James Applewhite Inducted into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, presentation remarks by Rebecca L. Godwin
  • A Tribute to Doris Betts, Recipient of the 2008 Roberts Award for Literary Inspiration, presentation remarks by Maurice C. York
  • The Whales Moved On, the 2008 Doris Betts Prize story, by Malcolm Campbell
    art by Mike Hoyt
  • Have You Seen Me?, the 2008 Doris Betts 2nd place story, by Gregg Cusick
    photography by Louanne Watley
  • "I am not Kitty Duncan": Two Interviews with Kat Meads, by Margaret D. Bauer and Liza Wieland
  • William Conescu: Writing Life as it Happens, an interview by Louisa J. Dang
  • Gothic Realism in Reynolds Price’s Kate Vaiden, by Peggy Dunn Bailey
  • Literary Inspiration Award to Honor Reynolds Price, by Elizabeth Howland
  • Crimes Close to Home, a review by Art Taylor of John Hart’s North Carolina mysteries
  • Two North Carolina Awards for Literature in 2008, by Maggie Rogers
  • The Bible Salesman and the Magician, a review by George Hovis of novels by Clyde Edgerton and Daniel Wallace
  • Virginia "Exile" Lee Smith Inducted into North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, presentation remarks by Lucinda H. MacKethan
  • Three Women Writers: Breaching Boundaries to Create New Realities, a review by Joyce Compton Brown
  • A Place of Oaks and Bells: The Hutchinson Building at Mills Home, 1946–1948, an essay by D. Allen Carroll
  • Four New Contributions to Thomas Wolfe Studies, a review by Wiley Cash, with an In Memoriam
  • Historian William Stevens Powell Inducted into North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, presentation remarks by Jerry Cashion
  • High on the Hog, a review by Jerry Leath Mills of Holy Smoke
  • 2008 R. Hunt Parker Award Goes to John Ehle, presentation remarks by Rebecca L. Godwin
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