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2015-2016 Student
Staff Members:

Editorial Assistant

Teresa Bryson


William Eddins
Emily Gardiner
Melissa (Max) Herbert
Brianna Horton
Sidney Naron
Amanda Smith


NCLR Online 2016 Contents

NCLR Online is an open access supplement to the 2016 print issue.

CELEBRATING 25 Years of the

25 Years of NCLR, 5 Years of NCLR Online
issue introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

North Carolina Connections:
An Interview with NCLR Editor Margaret Bauer

by Zackary Vernon, with Annie Frazier Crandell
and Donna Kain

Poet as Stripper
a poem by Nancy Womack
art by Dana Ezzell Gay

Roots in the Bible
a poem by Marty Silverthorne
art by Jim Jacobs

North Carolina Writers Rooted in Place
a review by Joanne Joy
Marianne Gingher, ed., Amazing Place:
What North Carolina Means to Writers

Jim Grimsley Gets Schooled
a review by Alex Albright
Jim Grimsley, How I Shed My Skin:
Unlearning the Racist Lessons of
a Southern Childhood

Lessons in Perspective
a review by Grace Horne
Michael White, Travels in Vermeer

Clyde Edgerton Receives Thomas Wolfe Prize

Just Say Please
a review by James W. Clark, Jr.
David Payne, Barefoot to Avalon:
A Brother’s Story

A Glimpse of “these extraordinary Price brothers”
an interview with William S. Price, Jr.
by James W. Clark, Jr.

Pine Woods Annunciation
a poem by James Applewhite
art by Vicky Smith

Mapping North Carolina, Locating Latinidad
a review by Kristy L. Ulibarri
Gustavo Pérez Firmat, A Cuban in Mayberry:
Looking Back at America's Hometown
Mark Smith-Soto, Time Pieces

Falling Awake
a review by Fred Chappell
Valerie Nieman, Hotel Worthy

Michael Parker Honored at the 2015
North Carolina Writers Conference

Watch the tributes paid to Parker at this event.

Robert Morgan’s “Big Talk”
a review by Randall Wilhelm
Robert Morgan, Dark Energy and Sigodlin

Anthony Abbott Receives North Carolina Award
for Literature

Wide Awake
a poem by Richard Betz
art by Rick Horton

On the Wings of a Carolina Parakeet
a review by Gina Caison
Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Streaming

The Green Wall
a poem by Marylin Hervieux
art by Caroline Burton Michahelles

A “Sense” of Self: Crafting Identity
a review by Elizabeth F. Oxler
Tina Barr, Kaleidoscope
Grace C. Ocasio, The Speed of Our Lives

Tooth Rejected by the Tooth Fairy
a poem by L. Teresa Church
(nominated by the editors for a Pushcart)
art by Willie Little

To Keep It Forever: Nature and Memory
a review by Sarah Huener
Coyla Barry, The Flying Days
John Hoppenthaler, Domestic Garden

The One and the Many Selves
a review by Susan Laughter Meyers
Diana Pinckney, The Beast and the Innocent
Sandra Ann Winters, The Place Where I Left You



Last Days
a poem by Joan McLean
art by Rene Pinchuk

Friction as a Point of Departure
a review by Joshua Clegg Caffery
Joseph Mills, This Miraculous Turning
Dannye Romine Powell, Nobody Calls Me Darling Anymore

The Presence of Wonder
a poem by Peg Bresnahan
art by Trena McNabb

From the Sensorium
a review by Robert W. Hill
Joseph Bathanti and Ted Wojtasik, eds.,
The Collected Poems of Ronald H. Bayes

Hitting Home with the New Story Project:
Teaching with the
North Carolina Literary Review
in North Carolina

an essay by Brian Glover

View (a .pdf) or download (in Word) the author's assignment description.

“want[ing] more less”
a review by Monica Miller
Pam Durban, Soon

Why Kelly Cherry Writes Now
a review by Matthew Dischinger
Kelly Cherry, Twelve Women in a
Country Called America

What’s Life Worth?
a review by Laura S. Segura
Karen E. Bender, Refund

“talking in circles,” “Mov[ing] through Time”
a review by Tim Buchanan
Gregg Cusick, My Father Moves through Time
Like a Dirigible

Eminent Domain
a short story by Kathryn Etters Lovatt
art by Robert Tynes

Finding Joy in the Darkness
a review by Leah Hampton
David Joy, Where All Light Tends to Go

a poem by J.S. Absher
art by Kent Washburn

Dark Tales of Campbell County
a review by Wanda Canada
Sallie Bissell, Deadliest of Sins

Mood Indigo
a review by Anna Jean Mayhew
Moira Crone, The Ice Garden

Daphne Athas Receives the 2015 R. Hunt Parker Award

Things I’d Like to Tell My Mother
a poem by C.G. Thompson
art by Kiki Farish

Wages of Sin
a review by Thomas Wolf
Joseph Bathanti, The Life of the World to Come

Frances O’Roark Dowell Receives the 2015
AAUW Juvenile Literature Award

Anniversary Song
a poem by Marly Youmans
art from the ECU African Art Collection

Recapturing the Sublime
a review by Lisa Wenger Bro
Marly Youmans, Glimmerglass

In “the spaces between knowing and not knowing”
a review by Cheryl Dudasik-Wiggs
Katy Simpson Smith, The Story of Land and Sea

Tell Me About the Ocean and I Will Tell You Who You Are and At Blue Banks
two poems by Florence Nash
art by Michael Rhinehardt

Warnings of the End
a review by Kathaleen E. Amende
Sean Jackson, Haw

The Backstory of the World
a review by Brianne Holmes
Ernie Wood, One Red Thread

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