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number 27 2018


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Margaret Bauer, Editor
ECU Mailstop 555 English
Greenville, NC 27858-4353

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NCLR 2018 Contents


The Famous and Infamous
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

From Manteo to Murphy:
A Writer's Personal Journey

an essay by Margaret Maron

Writers Empowering Readers:
An Interview with Allan Gurganus

by Zackary Vernon

A Moment on Hooper Lane:
How We See, How We Are Seen

an essay by Bland Simpson

A free preview of NCLR 2018: Bland Simpson’s eloquent reflection on our environmental inheritance.

Transcendentalism in the Albemarle:
The Case of W.O. Saunders

by Brian Edwards

“Into the Vast Unknown”: The Changing Ending
of Paul Green’s
The Lost Colony
by E. Thomson Shields

Therese Ann Fowler and Maligned Women:
Setting the Story Straight on Zelda Fitzgerald
and Alva Vanderbilt Belmont

an interview by Sheryl Cornett

May 1954 (Pushcart nomination)
a poem by Priscilla Melchior
art by Jamaal Barber

Collard-Kraut and Blueberry BBQ: Discovering Vivian Howard’s Corner of the South¬†¬†
by Sally F. Lawrence






2017-2018 Student
Staff Members:

Editorial Assistants

Steven J. Brown
Ryan Smith
Omar Sutherland


Harley Beechner
Amber Colbert
Elizabeth Grimsley
Samantha Grzybek
Autumn Gunsley
Hannah Hensley
Max Herbert
Kristen Williams



Bringing North Carolina Literary Treasures,
Old and New, to Light

section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Building Beside the River, Reading Plato Outdoors, and A Poetry of Sunset
three poems by James Applewhite
art by Kristin Gibson, Hanna Jubran, and Jeff Kiefer

After My Brother Dies, I Leave for Italy
a poem by Diana Pinckney
art by Jeannine Marchand

Orphans and Outcasts:
The Novels of Angela Davis-Gardner

by Fred Chappell

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a poem by Kenneth Chamlee
art by Albert Bierstadt

Clear Ice
a poem by Richard Betz
art by Marjorie Brown Pierson

Amelia Speaks of Open Water
a poem by Jo Taylor
art by Marjorie Brown Pierson

a poem by Laurence Avery
art by Susan Weil

Allan Gurganus and His Dildoes
an essay by Gary Richards

Allan Gurganus: Two Tributes

Allan Gurganus and The Idea of Home
an essay by Jane Holding

(Almost) Oldest Living Allan Gurganus Student Tells Some: With Condolences to Each and Every One Gathered (Who Must Listen)
an essay by J.W. Bonner

Brown Fedora
a poem by L. Teresa Church
art by Juan Logan

Billy Collins Pours Me a Beer
a poem by Catherine Carter
art by Beth Grabowski

In the Chapel and Children on Mertie Road (1960) (latter a Pushcart nomination)
two poems by J.S. Absher
art by Ippy Patterson

The Science of Air (Pushcart nomination)
the Doris Betts Fiction Prize story
by Robert Wallace
art by Lori Vrba

Curse of Uncle Johnny
a poem by Marty Silverthorne
art by Sarah Blakeslee

Because I Won't Be There When He Dies
a poem by Dannye Romine Powell
art by Barbara Tyroler

Driving with Lucretius and Severance
two poems by Annie Frazier
art by Jackson Martin

Seven Years on a Farm (Pushcart nomination)
the Alex Albright Creative Nonfiction Prize essay by John Thomas York


The Many Friends of NCLR
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Adrift in the Port City (Pushcart nomination) and Big Bad
the 2017 James Applewhite Poetry Prize and honorable mention poems by Christina Clark
art by Aaron Siskind

Jackson, from the third floor and
In your mother's foothills
two poems by Sally Stewart Mohney
art by Alyssa Hinton

Denial in the Garden and Hurricane
two poems by K.E. Duffin
art by Luis Ardila

Leaving Lake Summit
a poem by Kimberly O'Connor
art by Ann Marie Kennedy

Feb 25
a poem by Jon Obermeyer
art by David Terry

Body Between Mirror and Wall
a poem by Kathleen Jones
art by Andrea Donnelly

creative nonfiction by Susan O'Dell Underwood

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