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Nominations from this issue:

for the Best of the Net:

L. Teresa Church, “Fire and Brimstone”
Jeanne Julian, “Prelude to Lust”

Nilla Larsen, “Post-Date Sunday”

Valerie Nieman, “Eleanor: Suite”
Glenis Redmond, “Sketch”

Crystal Smith,  “Black Girl Magic in Summers Past” 

Miriam Herin, “Lucky” 
David Hopes, “Corin and Dorinda” 

Angela Belcher Epps, "Sandhill: A Symphony of Souls" 

Joel Thomas, “Whimsyton, NC”

for the Orison Anthology and one of our Pushcart nominations:
Miriam Herin, “Lucky”









Revised Links: Film Clips in Bennett essay on Big Fish:

Page 126: William's revelation
Page 126: Young William reacting to his father's story
Page 126: Older William reacting to his father's story
Page 127: Dr. Bennett telling William story of his birth
Page 127: William and Edward arguing about truth
Page 128: William realizing
Page 128: William and Jenny
Page 129: William telling his father story
Page 130: Edward's funeral
Page 130: William's son telling story
Page 130: Josephine and Edward




NCLR Online 2019 Contents

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Time to "Mak[e] Room for the 'Otherness'" introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

North Carolina Poet Laureate Making Herstory
presentation remarks by Georgann Eubanks
acceptance remarks by Jaki Shelton Green

Not a Resting Place but an Absence 
a review by Gabrielle Brant Freeman
Jaki Shelton Green, i want to undie you

House: Another Kind of Field and Sketch
two poems by Glenis Redmond
art by Barbara Tyroler and Darryl Hurts

Through the Lens of the Heart’s Camera
a review by Janice N. Harrington
Amber Flora Thomas, Red Channel in the Rupture

Sandhill: A Symphony of Souls
an essay by Angela Belcher Epps

Fire and Brimstone and Forgiveness
two poems by L. Teresa Church
art by Ernie Barnes and Selma Burke

Black Girl Magic in Summers Past 
a poem by Crystal Simone Smith
art by Ivey Hayes


flashbacks: Echoes of Past issues

Features and Finalists Redux
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

From Ommateum to Bosh and Flapdoodle
a review by Eric Walker Robert M. West, ed., The Complete Poems of A.R. Ammons

An Abandoned Pasture
a poem by James Applewhite
art by Susan Hong-Sammons

A Matched Pair, for the Ages
a review by Michael White
Betty Adcock, Rough Fugue
James Applewhite, Time Beginnings

A First Harvest from North Carolina’s Johnny Appleseed
a review by Savannah Paige Murray
Jeffery Beam and Richard Owens, editors,
Jonathan Williams: The Lord of Orchards

Stephen Smith Honored at the 2018
North Carolina Writers Conference

Banking the Fires of Memories
a review by Emily Herring Wilson
Claudia Emerson, Claude Before Time and Space
Heather Ross Miller, Women Disturbing the Peace

Eleanor: Suite
a poem by Valerie Nieman
art by Rachel Meginnes

The Ledge
a poem by Jon Obermeyer
art by Anne Wall Thomas

Everyday Sorrows and Necessary Joys
a review by Valerie Nieman
Terri Kirby Erickson, Becoming the Blue Heron

Post-Date Sunday
a poem by Nilla Larsen
art by Nancy Smith

Branch Drop
a poem by Richard Betz
art by Frank Hunter

A Love Letter to Writing, Writers, and Books
a review by Michael K. Brantley
Michael McFee, Appointed Rounds

Michael McFee, A Stroke of Luck for North Carolina
by Michele Walker

Revolutionary Reporting in the Tar Heel State
a review by Dale Neal
Kenneth Joel Zogry, Print News and Raise Hell:
The Daily Tar Heel and 
the Evolution of a Modern University

Family Man
a review by Randall Martoccia
David Sedaris, Calypso

The Drama of Region
a review by Gina Caison
Cecilia Moore, The Federal Theatre Project 
in the American South: The Carolina Playmakers 
and the Quest for American Drama

Cast, Crew, and Directors: Behind the Scenes at 
The Lost Colony

a review by E. Thompson Shields, Jr.
Dwayne Walls, Jr, Backstage at The Lost Colony

Memories of the Playwright's Son:
A Conversation with Paul Eliot Green, Jr.

by Dwayne Walls, Jr.

Collaborators and Team Players: Two 2018 
North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame Inductees,
“People Who Help Us Do What We Have Done”

On Behalf of the Many Who Appreciate James W. Clark, Jr. 
presentation remarks by Margaret D. Bauer

Revising the Spirits of North Carolina Literature
acceptance remarks by James W. Clark, Jr.

Marsha White Warren, “Always asking, ‘Who’s Missing?’” 
presentation remarks by Georgann Eubanks

In Praise of Teamwork
acceptance remarks by Marsha White Warren

In Memoriam: The Journey of John Ehle
by Terry Roberts



Welcome to NCLR and Expressions of Appreciation
section introduction by Margaret D. Bauer, Editor

Corin and Dorinda
a short story by David Hopes
art by Kimberly Wheaton

Prelude to Lust
a poem by Jeanne Julian
art by Krista Harris

Blue Blazes
a review by Catherine Carter
Beth Copeland, Blue Honey
Dede Wilson, Under the Music of Blue

a poem by Frances J. Pearce
art by Robert Rauschenburg

a poem by Wayne Johns
art by Mark Bettis


One Window’s Light into North Carolina Haiku
a review by John Zheng
Lenard D. Moore, ed., One Window’s Light: A Collection of Haiku

“How / to make moment more than / moment”
a review by Robert West 
Nathaniel Mackey, Blue Fasa

Randall Kenan, A True North Carolina Son,
Inducted into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame

presentation remarks by Sharon P. Holland
acceptance remarks by Randall Kenan

Open Houses
a review by Garrett Bridger Gilmore 
Stephanie Powell Watts, No One is Coming to Save Us

Three-Time AAUW Award Winner, Carole Boston Weatherford

The Structure of Hope in Speculative
(and War) Fiction

a review by Helen Stead
Michele Tracy Berger, Reenu-You
Jason Mott, The Crossing

The 2019 issues of the North Carolina Literary Review are supported, in part, by a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council.


Memory and the Flow of Time
a review by Terry Roberts
Charles Frazier, Varina

“to take the edge off”
a review by Sharon Colley
Terry Roberts, The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival

Appalachia Alive and Well
a review by Michael J. Beilfuss
Randall Wilhelm and Zackary Vernon, Eds.,
Summoning the Dead: Essays on Ron Rash

2018 Hardee Rives Award Winner: Eddie Swimmer
presentation remarks by Lorraine Hale Robinson

Like We Was Dreading the Chaos
a review by Jim Coby
Taylor Brown, Gods of Howl Moutain
Donna Everheart, The Road to Bittersweet

At Home in the Valley of Buzzards
a review by Jimmy Dean Smith
David Joy, The Line That Held Us

Hope in the Rough
a review by Anna E. McFadyen
Heather Bell Adams, Maranatha Road

Wiley Cash’s Timely Historical Fiction Awarded
presentation remarks by Gayle Fripp

(Mis)representation of the Mountain South
a review by Leah Hampton
Julia Franks, Over the Plain Houses
Philip Lewis, The Barrowfields

Unearthed Secrets in the Swampland
a review by Betina Entzminger
John Hart, The Hush

Love and Death in Deep Space
a review by Joseph Dewey
Steve Mitchell, Cloud Diary

“And through it all we are alone”:
Two Modern Tales of Timeless Isolation

a review by Sara E. Melton
Dale Bailey, In the Night Wood
John Kessel, Pride and Prometheus

Jim Grimsley Receives 2018 Hobson Prize

NCLR Editor Receives John Tyler Caldwell Award presentation remarks by Alex Albright

“what I do as NCLR Editor"
acceptance remarks by Margaret D. Bauer

Big Fish: Myth and the Man
an essay by Barbara Bennett

Film clip links have been moved since issue's release. Find them in the lefthand blue column on this page.

Tangled Up in the Heart of Darkness
a review by Barbara Bennett
Elaine Neil Orr, Swimming Between Worlds

An Unwanted Education, Detoxifyingly Satisfying
a review by Donna A Gessell
Kat Meads, Miss Jane: The Lost Years

"Backstory driv[ing] present action"
a review by Kristina L. Knotts
Philip Gerard, Things We Do When No One Is Watching

Honoring the Voices of Jill McCorkle,
2018 Inductee into the North Carolina
Literary Hall of Fame

presentation remarks by Shannon Ravenel
acceptance remarks by Jill McCorkle

the 2018 Doris Betts Fiction Prize story
by Miriam Herin
art by Lien Truong

Hear the author read from and talk about her story on Charlotte Reader Podcast (along with NCLR Senior Associate Editor Christy Hallberg)


Beauty Makes Sense
a review by Hannah Crane Sykes
Martin Arnold, Earthquake Owner’s Manual 
Alan Michael Parker, The Ladder

Day at a Historic Park
a poem by Craig Thompson Friend

Whimsyton, NC
creative nonfiction by Joel Thomas

Magus at Twilight
a poem by Sally Thomas
art by Leigh Suggs

More Than Words for Penelope Niven (1939–2014), 2018 Inductee into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame
presentation remarks by Jennifer Niven

Trespassing After the Hysterectomy
a poem by Kimberly J. Simms
art by Nancy Smith