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NCLR Online 2014 Contents


“Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die”
an excerpt from A Short Time to Stay Here
by Terry Roberts

The Circuit Rider in a Sable Suit
John Milliken Thompson, Love and Lament
a review by Alison Arant

The Great War Inspires Two Great Novels

Constructive Remorse
Gail Godwin, Flora: A Novel
a review by Peggy Dunn Baily

Ragan Old North State Award for Civil War–Era Biography


Flashbacks: Echoes of Past Issues

  • For Doris
    an essay by Michael McFee
    art by Maurice Sendak

    Hanging on by a Thread
    Doris Betts, The Scarlet Thread
    a review by Tara Powell

    We Are All in It
    an essay by Fred Chappell

    A Last Glimpse of the Traveler
    a poem by Fred Chappell

    A Poem Has Happened Here
    Susan Laughter Meyers, My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass
    a review by Fred Chappell

    Kathryn Stripling Byer, Former NC Poet Laureate
    Receives Second Roanoke-Chowan Poetry Award

    To Catch Big Fish: Advice from the Poet and
    No Ordinary Birdsong

    two poems by Susan Laughter Meyers
    art by Ray Elmore

    Guests on Earth, Eternal Strangers, and Lost Souls
    Lee Smith, Guests on Earth: A Novel
    a review by John Hough, Jr.

    Attend the Tales of Allan Gurganus
    Allan Gurganus, Local Souls
    a review by Gary Richards

    The End Before the End
    Jill McCorkle, Life After Life
    a review by Barbara Bennett

    2013 NC AAUW Award

    “The clock is ticking”
    Robert Inman, The Governor’s Lady
    a review by Anna Dunlap Higgins


    North Carolina Miscellany

    • The Water Calls You: An Interview
      with Anjail Rashida Ahmad
      by Amber Flora Thomas
      photography by Dale Foshe

      Honeysuckle and It Must Be All Right
      two poems by Joan McLean
      art by Linda Andrea Fox

      Soul-Making Short Fiction
      Rebecca Lee, Bobcat and Other Stories
      Peter Makuck, Allegiance and Betrayal: Stories
      a review by Kristina L. Knotts


creative nonfiction by Kelly Clancy
photography by Hans Curt Pfalzgraf

Uranium Field
creative nonfiction by Jen Julian

Flashing onto the Scene
Katey Schultz, Flashes of War
a review by Ron Jackson

Of Lions and Sparrows
a short story by Seth Peavey
art by George Scott




Samm-Art Williams Is the Fourth Recipient of the
Hardee Rives Dramatic Arts Award

award presentation remarks by Lorraine Hale Robinson

Blue Bottles
a poem by Glenis Gale Redmond
art by Vollis Simpson

“The Cruel Radiance of What Is”
Jeffrey Beam, The Broken Flower: Poems
Keith Flynn, Colony Collapse Disorder
a review by Jim Clark

Odds Favor At Random
Lee Zacharias, At Random
a review by Tanya Long Bennett

Mystery Writers Receive NC Literary Awards

It’s Complicated
Dale Neal, The Half-Life of Home
a review by Sharon E. Colley

Myers Park Misery
Wilton Barnhardt, Lookaway, Lookaway
a review by Jim McGavran

Words, Water, Wonder
Philip Gerard, The Patron Saint of Dreams and other Essays
Philip Gerard, Down the Wild Cape Fear: A River Journey through the Heart of North Carolina
a review by Brian Glover

Savoring the Literary Landscape of Eastern North Carolina
Georgann Eubanks, Literary Trails of Eastern North Carolina: A Guidebook
a review by Lorraine Hale Robinson
photography by Donna Campbell

Available Beauty
a poem by Robert M. Wallace
art by Kenneth Noland



    Near Matter and the Distant Stars
    Kathy Ackerman, Coal River Road
    Beth Copeland, Transcendental Telemarketer
    a review by Susan Laughter Meyers

    The Milk of Adversity: Three Books of Memory and Loss
    Lee Ann Brown, Crowns of Charlotte: NC Ode
    Terry L. Kennedy, New River Breakdown
    Tom Lombardo, What Bends Us Blue
    a review by Valerie Nieman

    Another Ending for Aphrodite
    a poem by Hannah Bonner
    art by Eduardo Lapetina

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