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The Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming (ENCLH) is a year-long program of events that celebrate the literary culture of North Carolina. With activities taking place in several counties located in the mid-coastal region of North Carolina, the program provides a rich opportunity for people of this area to learn about and meet North Carolina writers. For seven years, the Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming has been nourishing and revitalizing the creative spirit as it provides a space where artists and community members can interact and share ideas. The works represented by the award-winning authors encompass a variety of genres including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and music.

In its first seven years, the program was restricted to artists with connections to Eastern North Carolina. The 2011 program will expand to include writers throughout the state who are published in the special feature section of the North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR). Beginning with this 2011 event, the ENCLH program theme will parallel NCLR's special feature topic to provide the literary homecoming with a solid connection with a literary publication. The program theme for 2011 will focus on the impact of environmental literature on social change.

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