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There is a delicate interrelationship between human beings and the environment. Our relationship with the environment, as it stands, favors people over environment and progress over preservation, “progress” in terms of creating areas of intensive development that exhaust the environment and landscape. Literature explores human encounters with the environment as well as the impact that nature has on us, including our personal responses to and philosophical interpretations of nature. Artists whose work delve into our interactions with the world around us will discuss what role literature and art do and must play in order to impact a social awareness and make our relationship with the environment more balanced. top right white bar
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Mendenhall Student Center Great Rooms
                                                                           Roberts Award for Literary Inspiration presented to Bland Simpson, with Tributes and Music by Jerry Leath Mills, Don Dixon, and Marti Jones

Presentation of the North Carolina Literary Review’s first James Applewhite Poetry Prize by James Applewhite

Joyner Library Exhibit Gallery (2nd Floor)

8:00–9:00 am                       
(donuts and coffee provided by Krispy Kreme)

9:00–9:15 am                      
Opening Remarks

9:15–10:15 am                       

Plenary Session: A Writer’s Role
Can Nature Writing Affect Social Awareness?
Jan DeBlieu, David Gessner, and Ron Rash
Poet and fiction writer Ron Rash, Outer Banks Coastkeeper Jan Deblieu, and Founding Editor of Ecotone David Gessner, all environmental writers, will discuss whether writing can affect social awareness about environmental issues, how they decide what issues to write about, and whether they strive to impact change with their writing.

10:15–10:30 am                       
Book Signing

10:30–11:45 am           
Workshop #1
Using the Environment in Character and Plot Development

Zelda Lockhart
Participants will work on developing their characters and plots. The novelist will show participants how to draw from the environment around them to shape their writing.

Workshop #2*
Acknowledging Nature when Writing Fiction

Ron Rash
In this workshop, Ron Rash will explain how literature can be used to help us notice the world around us. Participants will be directed on how to use environment as a character in their work. By emphasizing nature in fiction writing, Rash will help participants raise awareness of the environment through their writing.


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10:30–11:00 am           
"Revisioning" Nature:
Painting the Picture with Photography

Rob Amberg
Photographer Rob Amberg’s books, Sodom Laurel Album and The New Road, address place and land use in Madison County, NC. His interest has been documenting change in this county–demographic, environmental, social, economic–over the course of his almost forty years in North Carolina. He presents his findings with photographs, oral history, and his own narrative writing.

11:00–11:15 am           
Book Signing

Poetry Reading by Gerald W. Barrax

12:00–1:30 pm           
LUNCH (in the Mendenhall Student Center)*
Fiction Reading by
Zelda Lockhart

1:45–3:15 pm                       
Workshop # 3*
Using the Environment in Writing Poetry

Gerald W. Barrax
Gerald W. Barrax will work closely with several participants. During the workshop Barrax will offer feedback and guidance on their pre-submitted environmental poetry. This workshop is group participatory; everyone will get a chance to comment on one another’s work.

1:45–3:00 pm            
Closing Plenary Session–Environmental Transformation: Changing Landscapes, Changing Lives
Ron Amberg, Jan DeBlieu, and David Gessner
Jan DeBlieu, writes often about the Outer Banks and how we are shaped by the landscapes where we work and live. David Gessner writes about the impact of environmental issues on the community and the people who live there.  Rob Amberg's photography illustrates the impact of “development” on the environment and the people who live in it. This is an “open mic” session where the speakers will respond to audience questions and comments about issues raised throughout the day, the role of the environment in people’s lives, and how a transformation in environment affects the lives and livelihood of its residents.

3:00–3:15 pm
Book Signing

3:15–4:00 pm
author of Serena

*Participants must preregister for writing workshops and for the luncheon. To register, click here or on the registration tab to the left.



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