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In today’s world the book competes with the increasing popularity of visual media. Film can be an entry for some readers to the world of literature, while other readers are often drawn to film by familiarity with a book. At the 2012 Eastern North Carolina Literary Homecoming, several North Carolina writers whose literary works have been adapted into film will explore how film can both enhance and distract from the meaning of the written word. As Americans steadily turn away from reading and more toward cinema and television, the ENCLH strives to reemphasize the value of the written word, while recognizing the value of visual media as a catalyst toward that end.
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Mendenhall Student Center Great Rooms

Roberts Award for Literary Inspiration presented to James Applewhite, with Tributes by Jeffrey Franklin and Sally Rosen Kindred and music by Luke Whisnant

Presentation of the North Carolina Literary Review’s second James Applewhite Poetry Prize by James Applewhite

Presentation by Timothy Tyson, author of Blood Done Sign My Name, "Civil Rights Meets Silver Screen”

, 8am–4pm
Joyner Library Exhibit Gallery (2nd Floor)

with coffee and donuts provided by Krispy Kreme

Opening Remarks


Panel: The Blockbuster, the Independent Film, and the Made-for-TV Movie: Different Venues, Different Audiences
Charles Frazier, Timothy Tyson and James Dodson
Some literary works make it to the silver screen, while others are enjoyed on the small screen in the comfort of our living rooms. Regardless of where a book’s visual adaptation is seen, a variety of audiences will experience the original stories, which may ultimately draw them to the books. Charles Frazier, author of Cold Mountain, will discuss the 2003 adaption of his bestselling novel. Timothy Tyson, author of Blood Done Sign My Name, will discuss how independent films, such as the one based on his book, can reach target audiences, even though they might have a limited viewership. James Dodson, author of Faithful Travelers, will discuss the book’s television adaptation, Dodson’s Journey, and its relationship to the book and its audience.

Workshop #1*
Writing Fiction for Youth

Eleanora E. Tate
Eleanora E. Tate will demonstrate how to create a story and present it in a manner that captures the attention of youth today.

Workshop #2*
Writing Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

James Dodson
James Dodson will demonstrate how to utilize storytelling prose to captivate readers while conveying memories and events from real life.

Workshop #3*
Writing a Screenplay

Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace will demonstrate how to utilize elements of screenwriting and artistic license when adapting a literary work for a film.

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Panel: Pop(corn) Culture: How Youth Audiences Shape Literary and Film Industries

Eleanora E. Tate and Lois Duncan
Book and film audiences change with the times. Children’s and young adult audiences are no exception. With their increased exposure to films, television shows, and video games, children are immersed in visual media that reflect their changing world. Eleanora E. Tate, author of Just an Overnight Guest, will discuss the artistic decisions that went into the adaptation of her children's book about sibling rivalry and jealousy into a heartwarming, award-winning TV movie. Lois Duncan, author of Hotel for Dogs, will discuss adapting a humorous story into a full-length feature film. The authors will also discuss how these films can inspire children and young adults to read the books on which they are based.

LUNCH (in the Mendenhall Student Center)*
Reading by Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish

Panel: Short Stories into Short Films
Elisabeth Benfey, Dante James and Randall Kenan
In this session, two filmmakers will discuss the decisions involved during adaptation, and a fiction writer will relate his reaction to having his writing adapted. Filmmaker Dante James will screen and then discuss his adaptation of Charles Chesnutt’s “The Doll,” and Elisabeth Benfey will do the same for her Duke students’ film based on Randall Kenan’s “The Foundations of the Earth.” Kenan will address his reaction to watching what were once images in his head – and then words on the page – become images on a screen. The panelists will also address audience questions.

Workshop #4*
Poetry Writing

Sally Rosen Kindred
Sally Rosen Kindred will conduct a poetry writing workshop in which she will help participants recognize the importance of the poetic line. Participants will have a chance to hear others’ work and to interact with their peers in a workshop setting.

Workshop #5*
How to Build a Story

Lois Duncan
Lois Duncan will lead participants through the process of developing character and plot to keep the reader interested and focused on the story. Participants will have the opportunity to begin to write their own stories and receive feedback from both participants and the facilitator.

Talking with Charles Frazier, author of Cold Mountain

*Participants must preregister for writing workshops and for the luncheon. To register, click here or on the registration tab to the left.

Individuals requesting accomodation under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) should call 252-737-1016 (voice/TTY) at least 48 hourse prior to the event.

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