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gina caison pays tribute to "Raleigh" Jim clark

(read at the 2015 North Carolina Writers Conference in Washington, NC, 25 July 2015, by Tara Powell)

To begin, it’s an honor to be asked to offer some thoughts for this joyous and much-deserved occasion. Professor Clark -- Jim -- represents the best that this profession and the state of North Carolina has to offer: smart, enthusiastic, generous, and kind. I am fortunate that despite being retired from teaching, he has offered so much to me in the way of mentorship and guidance as I evolved from a graduate student researching a possible dissertation topic into an assistant professor navigating the publication of my first book. 

I might add that Jim's dedication stems not only from his responsibilities as an educator but also from his deep commitment to our home state. You see, I met Jim through my mother, and they met through 4H. Thus, it isn¹t that his lifetime achievements can be measured through his publications alone; they must also be appreciated through his sincere dedication to a better, more educated, and more connected North Carolina. For this, Professor Clark, I thank you, and I am happy to echo the thanks of everyone here to celebrate your work. 

—Gina Caison, Georgia State University

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