The 2010 issue is forthcoming this summer

John Ehle receives the 2008 R. Hunt Parker Award from Rebecca Godwin; photograph courtesy of the North Carolina State Archives. Read Terry Roberts's interview with Ehle in NCLR 2010.

In this issue, a special feature section on North Carolina Appalachian Literature, including:
  • interviews with John Ehle, Pamela Duncan, Eddie Swimmer, and Wayne Caldwell
  • poetry by Kathryn Stripling Byer, Robert Morgan, doris davenport, and Michael McFee
  • the 2009 Doris Betts Fiction Prize winning story, "Blind Faith," by David McGuirt
  • reviews of new books by Fred Chappell, Tony Earley, and Julia Nunnally Duncan and much more.

Also in this issue, new poetry by James Applewhite and much much more.

NCLR has received additional funding from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation for the design and production of the 2010 issue.

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