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Books Reviewed in NCLR

NCLR appreciates the service our reviewers do for North Carolina's writers. Reviewers receive a 1-year subscription to the print issue.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are usually solicited, though reviews may be proposed by reviewers, and suggestions of books to be reviewed are welcome as long as the book is by a North Carolina writer, set in North Carolina, or deals with North Carolina subjects. We usually review fiction, creative nonfiction, and full-length poetry collections, and we prefer reviews of multiple books (e.g., two or three new poetry collections or short story collections). Please query us before sending books for review consideration and before writing reviews.

We publish review essays that examine the new work(s) in the context of similar new books, of the writer's canon, and/or of the genre as it is represented in North Carolina literature. Effective since 2012, book reviews are published in NCLR Online, an online supplemental issue, rather than in the print issue. These supplemental issues are open access, thus broadening the audience for book reviews and thereby expanding our mission of serving as ambassadors for North Carolina writers.

If you have published a North Carolina-related book, send or have your publisher send a copy for review consideration to our mailing address. We welcome books published by small presses as well as large commercial presses, but we do not review self- or subsidy-published/vanity press books.

Books we receive that comply with the above criteria are sent to reviewers for consideration. We do not guarantee that all books sent will be reviewed, even if they comply with the criteria above. As our readers know, North Carolina is "the writingest state" (as coined by Doris Betts). We cannot review every book we receive, and we appreciate reviewers helping us to make selections.

Books are sent out to reviewers in the spring and early summer. Reviews are due September 1. If your book is selected for review, we will be in touch with you and/or your publisher when NCLR Online is published.

If you would be interested in reviewing a book for us, please send a writing sample and a resume that reflects your areas of expertise to the Editor.

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