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The North Carolina Literary Review print issue is published annually in the summer.

Subscriptions purchased via credit card begin with the current year's issue. After subscribers' copies are mailed in June, new subscriptions begin with the next year's issue. Between July and December, find information to purchase the current year's issue (and other back issues) here.

The supplemental electronic issues of NCLR Online may be accessed from our website at no charge.

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NC Literary & Historical Association individual membership

North Carolina Literary & Historical Association members receive the North Carolina Historical Review, the journal published by the Office of Archives and History since 1924, and the annual print issue of the North Carolina Literary Review.

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Join "Lit & Hist" via the NCLHA website

Questions about membership in the NC Literary & Historical Assoc.? Email or call Parker Backstrom at 919.807.7280.

Director of Scholarly Publishing Services John McLeod talking about UNC Press's new partnership with NCLR at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, 30 Sept. 2017

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